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When I am not working my day job or doing leather work, you can often find me golfing, watching videos about golf, or thinking about golf. The thing that appeals to me is no matter how much I improve, there is always more improvement possible. To me golf is a lot like life; Good breaks from bad shots, bad breaks from good shots.  

3D Printed Accessories

I recently added a Garmin R10 to my golf toolbox.  I noticed early on that if the unit was not level and well aligned that the results were not accurate. I sat down and designed a small stand that uses a Ryobi laser level to improve the overall experience.  After sharing it with some friends I decided to go ahead and offer it as a

product.  You can find it here: R10 Boomerang

I will be adding a Mini version that will fit in the R10 case making it easier to take to the range. 

Bag Strap.jpg

Leather Accessories

Most of the leather accessories I have made have been from custom requests.  These include

  • Hook-and-loop belt glove holder

  • Custom yardage book covers

  • Accessory strap for golf bag (snaps onto bag cover snaps)

If you are looking for something special, let me know!

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